Are Antiques A Good Investment

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Antique CarsNot too long ago it was easy question to answer - definitely yes. However, times have changed, and there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration as an investor before you begin this journey.
 Some experts continue to reiterate that comic books, Star Wars memorabilia, stamps, and collectible editions are still top investment objects in Antiques, Limited Edition Art, Prints, and other collectibles.
The decisions you make are sure to be based on storage space, your line of interest in Antiques, the funds you are able to spend, and display space availability. Does your interest lie in Antique cars, action comic books, vintage toys, or Star Wars? Either choice, you want to show off your collections. You can not show off those Vintage Automobiles in a display case for Porcelain.
Many people, love Antiques and are in love with the idea of having collector’s items. The problem is not that they are investing, it is that when they realize they have invested ‘too’ much, they tend to dump their purchases back on the market for prices that are too high. This causes a rift in the market with overpriced items. 
For most people, profit is not the end goal of investing in Antiques. Most will invest in Antiques because they love the item. Those are the people who, if prices suddenly dropped out the bottom, would not grieve too much. They did not purchase the item to make money.
For those on the strictly financial side, they are focused on profit. That is their choice, their purpose.  They invest in Antiques as a way of doing business. They will purchase, repair if possible, refinish to make it as close to original as possible, then they will place it back on the market and hopefully cover their costs plus make a profit.
Antique Cars
In reality, it is business, just like car repairs, and house flipping, the point is to invest, refinish if necessary, and resell. Business cycles the world pushes the economy, so we can not belittle those that are in Antiques for profit.
There are benefits to investing in Antiques, some of which may surprise you.
  • Antiques always have a story to tell. Whether it is how you came across the item, or if you heard the story from generations past in the owner's family. When Antiques are placed in businesses, they do tend to bring about conversations. They get people talking, sharing, and maybe learning and teaching about Antiques.
  • Antiques help the environment. That may sound odd, it is simply reusing an object, rather than cutting a tree down to make a new item that is the same but new. This is reducing the need for new products and prevents a small amount of pollution.
  • The quality of products cannot be matched. There is so much talk about how much better products are today, this is not true for everything. Antiques prove that very simply by still being. The quality of how the item was made, still holding up versus the similar product that is bought today and made out of cheaper materials and with less focus on the product lasting.  A great example of this quality product: How many times have you driven past abandoned buildings that really look as though they should have fallen long ago? Many of these buildings are still standing through storms, through generations, through whatever Mother Nature puts them through, but it was made by craftsmen that cared how well the product or home was, The whole framework of the building for the most part is still holding strong. That cannot be said the same way for products and homes today.
  • Antiques never go out of style! Whether it is a dining table, an Armoire, or a desk, antiques that have held up are items that are used for everyday life. Antiques will fit with any decor. Investing in Antiques to furnish your home will actually save money as you will not need to replace those items to fit in with a new trend.
  • Even investing in just one Antique furnishing for your home makes a statement. Antiques will look good with any other item in your home. One piece will create talk, stories, and conversation. This is a conversation you will not have when you have the same furnishings that everyone else has the ability to own also.
Investing in Antiques has proven to be much more cost-effective than purchasing cheaper items in your local furnishing stores. Again, the quality is nowhere near the same as it was at one time. Today, companies are much more concerned about making money, this means using cheaper products, thinner products, and less focus on making a quality items. The thought for many businesses is, ‘if it breaks, they will buy more. An investment in Antiques will save you money ultimately because you do not need to be replacing the same item time after time.
Antiques could be extremely valuable. It is possible that the price that is paid for the Antique item you purchased, is below market value for that item. The one thing about Antiques is that they continue to get older, and when they remain in excellent shape the price you can sell them for is even higher. With Antiques you know the price will remain the same or increase as most tend to do. This increase compared to the modern products of today that break down easier, are made with compressed wood fibre and poor quality that continues to depreciate after purchase. Antiques very seldom depreciate.
Antique products are most often unique products. These Antique furnishings were hand-made by men or women or both who planned on the product lasting a lifetime. The quality is so good that many of these Antiques have lived through more than one lifetime. As for being unique, it is safe to say that no two antiques will be exactly the same. This could happen due to the size of available wood, the type of available wood, or the style. For instance, dove-tailing is a craft that was once used in making drawers, cabinets, and chests. Large manufacturers do not bother with dove-tailing their products, it would cost more for them to do so.
Look At It As Savings
Antique CarsTimes are much tougher now. Well, after the pandemic, that is. Tough times were actually when people made their own products. They did not have much choice. The money was not there to spend.
Today, when life is smooth sailing for many, they may be able to afford to make a purchase of an Antique item they have fallen in love with. Sure it may make them stretch the budget a little tighter for a couple of months, however, in the future if they need emergency funds and they have run out of savings, they can look at the Antiques they have collected. 
Antique collectors and investors always know that those items have money in them. The problem may be finding a person that wants a quality product enough to pay for it. I am sure that more than one person had to make a decision to sell at least one Antique item or a full collection over the last couple of years.
The Greatest Profit
Antique CarsAgain, money is not always the reason for investing in Antiques. Sometimes, the greatest joy one can receive from investments is to be able to sit back and admire them. Even when times get financially tough for investors, they can look at the Antique, find a good buyer, and sell the object, for hopefully a profit. Selling one Antique could pay for groceries for a month, it could pay for utilities or an Emergency medical payment.
The point is, just as in every walk of life, people see Antiques in different ways. Most collectors enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect Antique, especially for a good price. The fun of collecting, the joy of admiring it, the stories the object may hold, all those things are what should be considered when collecting antiques. It is not always about the money or the profit. However, when the time does come to sell your treasured piece, you will likely get your money spent back, and probably more.
It is not very common for antiques to actually drop in price. When they do, it is likely due to some odd damage that happened accidentally or because the collector settled for a lower price. In that case, another Antique investor made a great deal and can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.
One more side note, do not sell without first consulting an appraiser. Find an appraiser that specializes in your item or one that has extensive knowledge in Antiques. This is going to benefit you greatly. You will have the appraisal for insurance purposes and proof of what the item is worth, so some other collector, one who is focused more on the money aspect, does not try to get the price overly low and hurt your profit.

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